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Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra delhi6 fans questions

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra answers fans questions

I want to share the direct reply by the great director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for the fans questions in the delhi 6 facebook group .Great ideas by the amazing director .Read on the exact trascript on what Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra said in face book .

Hey guys,

Sorry for the are the answers to your questions....

Q. What is your definition of Masakali?
A. My definition of Masakali...Masakali is a song about liberation and freedom.Flying high.
It is the name of the white pigeon which is dancing on Sonam's head.
The white pigeon has also found it's way perched on the Delhi 6 logo. For me it depicts peace and love which is the essential soul of the film.
The song is also Bittu's (Sonam Kapoor) aspiration to break free and fly high.

Q. Experience while shooting the song?
A. Mmore than shooting it was while recording the song. While I was briefing Prasoon Joshi and AR Rahman on the same, Rahman kept coming up with the thought of a white pigeon and I told him it's a strange coincidence that we have a white pigeon named Masakali in the film.

Q Music in stores date?
A.Between 19th and 21st Jan.

Q. Why was the title changed from Dilli 6 to Delhi 6?
A. As by now you’re all aware that Delhi-6 is the pincode of old Delhi, that is, 110006. However the locals call it ‘Dilli’ lovingly. We were very keen to keep the title of the movie Dilli rather than Delhi. But the responses we got from around the world was that Delhi they understand and Dilli is a miss. Hence even while we’re in India, we decided to go with Delhi so it is understood universally.

Q. What in your opinion is the difference between screenplay & script?
A. Screenplay and a script are one and the same thing just two different names for the document. Two different names for the Bible we follow while shooting. However there is a big difference between a story and a screenplay. While you are reading a story it plays out in your mindscape. On the other hand a screenplay unfolds itself visually on the screen, in other words, it plays out on the screen.

Q. Usually your films deal with the real situations & real people's emotions. That is the one thing we can relate to. Other than your real life experiences what are the other things which helped you to make the characters, like book reading etc.?
A. Essentially once I had written the story the next step was to create the characters as real as they can get for which I had to dig into my memories and experience but more than that one went into a lot of research. While I was writing I used to visit Delhi quite often and interview similar characters extensively. And then once the characters were kind of well defined, the screenplay wrote itself.

Q. Did you research for writing the script of Delhi 6, which we heard tells the story of Delhi in a particular period?
A. Nopes. It’s not a story told in a particular period, it is today’s Delhi. The content and the context is contemporary India. Having said that since I have grown up in Delhi-6 I did dig a lot into the memories of my personal experience.

Q. Does your relation with Utv influence your thoughts to make a larger scale film than a smaller one? Or it is just requirement of the subject?
A. Both, working with Ronnie Screwvala has been a liberating process. He has not only given space but created space and conditions for my vision to not only find its way on the screen but more often than not its support has enhanced the vision. In Ronnie I share the same restlessness to raise the bar every time we go out there.

Q. We all know the movie is based in Old Delhi area, which is also known as Delhi 6 because of the area's pin code which is 110006. Is there any other reason? After Rang De Basanti, I have high expectations from Delhi 6 and also have the confidence that it will also turn out to be a classic.
A. Delhi 6 is not just a story about old Delhi or the walled city of Delhi. But it’s a journey to discover the India that resides outside of the metropolis. Just like Delhi, there is an old part of Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and I could go on and on. Essentially the heart of our country resides in these pockets. Delhi happened to be the place because I grew up there and knew it better than any of the others.

Q. I heard that you had shot two climaxes for the movie…which have you selected?
A. Actually it was the other way round, I had two beginnings in mind which would then lead to two different climaxes. But I firmly believe that we have to make a choice and go with conviction. It was a difficult choice to make but we did.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watched the movie yesterday .WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT ?????????
I had such great expectations from you .
Moral of the story ,agreed good ie EVERYONE has a black bander and ishwar in them ,so need is to only look inside"" My problem is why EVERYONE means only hindus espcially when the context is of having black bander inside?? you had mini stories going on side by side the whole plot
_ the strict father to the extent of made daughter to attempt run away from home ,who is he A HINDU
_ aged lala/sethji having a way younger wife ,who is he A HINDU
_ a younger wife ditching her husband ,who is she A HINDU
_ two brothers fighting all the time ,who are they HINDUS
_ an low caste used by the society ,who is she A HINDU and who use her too are ONLY HINDUS
_ a young enthusiast photographer flirting and raping the young girls ,who is he A HINDU
_ devoutly attending prayers and always peaceful sharing prasad who is he ,A MUSLIM
_ to solve the black bander problem who is there a SADHU ,whereas muslims believe in such remedies equally but no only liberties are to make fool of sadhus.
_ a leader who politicizes this issue ,once again who is she A HINDU looking party representative.
_ who refuses or objects the entry of abhishake into a temple is HINDU ,whereas it is the muslims who call non or half muslims as kafir and do not allow them to their masjids.
I can go on and on .... This was just a foriegn funded documentary against HINDUS .
My score to the movie 1 and to the director -0.

maker of RANG DE BASANTI ( my all time favourite ) would stoop so low to use kids as vulgur sexist promotion ,That scene of 8-10 yrs boys was so un warrented and needed.

February 22, 2009 at 11:52 AM  
Anonymous Sameer said...

Saw the movie first day. Brilliant.
Although there are things which could face extensive criticism but the aesthetics of rush and crowd of India was breathtaking. I am still unable to get over the song Dil Gira Dafatan. Classic video!

February 25, 2009 at 9:04 PM  
Blogger praveen said...

My Dream of INDIA and PAKISTHAN - United Country, is reinforced by our film. Thank You Sir.

February 26, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

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