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making of delhi 6 movie from the director

the making of delhi 6 movie

The Director of the movie delhi 6 talks about the Movie Delhi 6 and his verious experinces while making this movie .Enjoy from the great director of 'Rang de basanti' .

You have shot Chandni Chowk in Jaipur?

Delhi 6 is set in the walled city of Delhi. But shooting on location in Chandni Chowk is not possible for prolonged periods as normal life is disrupted. We did shoot on location, but only for a few days. We did the rest of the film in Sambhar, which is a two and a half hours’ drive from Jaipur.

We took over the entire town and recreated old Delhi there. Though the town is deserted, it did have ancestral homes of the people who lived there. They served our purpose beautifully.

• Filmmakers seem to be fascinated with Delhi.

That’s because Delhi is one of the oldest cities of the world. It’s a microcosm of India. It embodies the spirit of older cities like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Amritsar and Patna. For me there’s no native village. Only Chandni Chowk. It has taken me two other films to get back to my roots in Delhi 6.

This would have been my first film. But I am glad I made the other ones. I learnt so much during Aks and Rang De Basanti that today I know a bit more about cinema than I did earlier.

• Waheedaji seems to be your all-time favourite actress.

Yes. There are no two ways about it. Initially, Waheedaji was reluctant to do the film. But when I threatened to build the film’s set in front of her house in Mumbai and shoot the whole film there, she agreed.

I must have done something good in my previous life to get to work with her in two films. I also got to work with extraordinary actors like Pavan Malhotra, Divya Dutta , Supriya Pathak, Abhishek and Sonam for the first time.

• And Rishi Kapoor?

I don’t have words to express his talent. He is so fabulous and complete. You wonder how he does it. These wonderful actors are the heart and soul of the film. I’ll cherish the experience of working with them forever.

• How important is the background score for a film?

It can make an ordinary scene extraordinary. On the other hand, it can also kill an extraordinary scene. But the background music doesn’t end my post-production work. Somehow a film always gets snatched away before it is ready. There’s so much A R Rahman wants to do for Delhi 6.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
• How satisfying has Delhi 6 been?

Of my three films so far this has been the most challenging one. It’s a difficult subject and a rough journey. Delhi 6 works on the conscious and subconscious level. I still haven’t completed the journey.

• Rang De Basanti is an impossible act to encore.
It’s a fact about my career that I can’t escape. It’s part of my growth as a filmmaker. It shifted emotions within me. Luckily for me there are no similarities between Rang De Basanti and Delhi 6.

• Delhi 6 is your most autobiographical film?

I spent quite a bit of my growing up years in Chandni Chowk. In Rang De Basanti, I drew experiences from my college days. In Delhi 6, I have drawn parallels from my childhood. As you grow older, you reflexively gravitate towards your roots. But it’s a very contemporary story which features the ambience, adventures, tastes and smells from my childhood.

• Will audiences find Delhi 6 entertaining?

The genre is comedy-romance-social drama. Our job is to tell a story. But you have to draw audiences into the story. Entertainment is often confused with momentary pleasure. But cinematic entertainment is far deeper.
Source: FilmCafe

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