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Delhi 6 movie teamed as one family

Delhi 6 story is like a family

The director got one makeup person Vikram Gaikwad to take care of everyone's makeup. Says Abhishek Bachchan, "None of us had his or her own makeup room. We all got ready together in the same room and got the hair, makeup and wardrobe done together. And there was one makeup person. We also had one common dining room where we all had to sit together to eat. So it was in a sense about building a bond beyond the screen. None of us had a van on location. We all sat together when we weren't shooting. We all had rooms in the same building. It was like sleeping in a dormitory. It added to our sense of community. This made our relationship on the sets so strong we didn't have to act like a family in the film."

Says Abhishek, "It was an exercize in team building. Even when we were not shooting Rakeysh Mehra sat with us and discussed the script. Ten of us actors would sit together in a corner and discuss the script while another bunch faced the camera."

The camaeradeie extended way beyond the camera. Says Abhishek, "Even on days when I wasn't working I'd be on location to interact with them even though the place I stayed was a good hour-and-a-half away from where we were shooting. The camaraderie was unbelievable. We were in Sambar for two-and-a-half months and did everything together. We did extensive reading together. Lots of rehearsals."

The script sessions continued even when the camera was switched off . "Rakeysh would organize evenings when he'd read scripts to the entire star cast. He ensured there was a lot of bonding going on, so that there was a great comfort level when everyone got on the sets. Since a lot of the film is about inter-personal relationships it was very important for actors, some of whom didn't know one another, to appear as though they knew one another from childhood."

Abhishek grows sentimental, "We were truly like one big family. Though it was a set we felt it was home."

Source : Times of India / Indiatimes

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